Digital Solutions

As enterprises are looking to transform with digital, there are always questions on what are those solutions that can help to improve productivity, efficiency and customer experience. While there is a big list of use cases across the organization functions where technology can help but to make it simpler here are the list of basic low cost and quick to deploy solutions that can bring in immediate benefits.

Customer Engagement

Virtual Facility tour and product showcase

Expand your market reach by engaging remotely with your customers whom you cannot meet in-person.  AR & VR based solutions can help you showcase your capabilities through a virtual tour of the facility, physical assets and the products.

Supply Chain Management

Demand Forecasting, inventory planning, logistics tracking

Estimate the demand through leveraging AI & Analytics based solutions that analyses various market trends and internal historical data. These insights can help in better planning of the raw material, in process and finished inventory. IoT solutions enables tracking of fleet location and environment parameters maintained during transfer.

Production Management

Manufacturing planning, scheduling, tracking and optimization

Production planning and tracking solutions built using AI and Analytics enables scenario based planning thereby reducing complexities of making daily level routing changes simpler. Manufacturing Execution System optimizes the processes through monitoring & tracking the production as per schedules

Operations Visibility

Machine efficiency and worker productivity tracking with dashboards

Gain insights of your machine, line, plant level efficiency and capacity utilization through simple low cost IoT and analytics solutions. Dashboards built using these data also enables assessing and optimizing the worker productivity. 

Process Optimization

AI and Analytics solutions to refine process parameters

Improve your production yield, quality and reduce cost by refining the process parameters being used currently in plant. AI and Analytics models analyzes the process data and production output to recommend the optimization changes of processes.

Quality Inspection

Computer vision based defect inspection and dimension measurements

Increase the quality inspection speed and accuracy with camera based solutions that leverages AI engine to compare the image of part being produced with the historical images to detect any kind of defects that can be seen visually. These solutions also does the dimension measurement as part of the quality checks.

Compliance Control

Video analytics solutions to monitor process and compliance adherence in facility

AI algorithms can analyze the video signals to detect any kind of deviation in process thereby enabling monitoring of work being done at shopfloor. These solutions can be leveraged in assembly operations to detect any misses and assessing the worker productivity through movement tracking. There are also applications of these solution to monitor worker wearing personal protective equipment in plants.

Asset Management

IoT solutions for Condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, asset tracking

Reduce breakdown of critical assets in plant through IoT enabled online monitoring of key equipment parameters that helps in predicting any future failure. These solutions can also be used by machine manufacturers to track their machines while they are being used at customer locations.

Utility Management

Energy, fuel and water consumption monitoring and optimization

Sustainability being on the highest priority of enterprises, monitoring of the process and machine parameters using IoT solutions helps assessing causes of high consumption of fuel, power, water and effluent, thereby gives insights for resource optimization

Workforce Management

Worker training, safety monitoring and remote collaborations

AR & VR based simple solutions provides simulated environment for workers to learn the complex operations with real feel of work. The technology also enables worker to get remote guidance from supervisors thereby reducing repair and maintenance time. Sensor based IoT solutions can track the safety of workers while they are operating machines or working in hazardous environment.

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