Digitalization is a transformation journey that needs step by step approach to plan the solution deployment. While there are plenty of standard solutions and case studies available to learn from but still every organization needs customization to adopt to their challenges and priorities.

At DigiXLT, we act as extended team for enterprises to accelerate the digital adoption through bringing technical skills, structured processes, and frameworks.

Our Approach

We initiate our engagement with understanding your challenges and identifying gaps through digital assessment, which helps us to build a technology roadmap for you. We do design thinking workshops for the leadership team and also for the blue collar workers to bring in inputs and ideas from every level in the organization. While we connect you with solution providers, we also stay close and work with you to define requirements and review the solution during deployment. Success of digital initiatives depends a lot on effective acceptance of solutions by workers, hence we also build digital literacy in your workers to enable them maximize the solution usage  

Digital Maturity Assessment

Define business & operational challenges, assess readiness of the digital infrastructure

Enterprises understand their top challenges but lacks clarity when it comes to identifying gaps in their processes, technology adoption and organization structures, which leads to not effective implementation of digital initiatives. As a certified Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) assessor we help  organizations understand these gaps and assess how their current digital infrastructure supports the transformation objectives. As an outcome of this assessment organization gets to benchmark themselves of digital maturity with respect to other companies in similar industries and also receive recommendations on solutions roadmap for improvement.

Design Thinking Workshops

User Centric approach to define solutions for complex business challenges

Design thinking is a proven approach that goes beyond technical feasibility and affordability of projects to establish solution that considers the human aspects of users. This ensures workers and employees are part of solution building process, hence increases the success rate of the digital initiatives. We help enterprises conduct these design thinking workshops to detail out solutions for the complex use cases through structured brainstorming sessions. We do these workshops for both leadership team and for the blue collar workers to come up with a holistic solution.

Digital Roadmap

Prioritize focus areas, assess ROI and build phased wise implementation plan for digital initiatives

Many times digital projects are executed with short term focus fixing immediate challenges, this leads to difficulties later while managing multiple applications deployed without proper planning. We help enterprises build a digital roadmap that considers long term objectives of organization, current challenge areas and the infrastructure requirements for future. The plan consists of phase wise adoption of solutions starting from proof of concepts to assess ROI and post that scaling at an enterprise level.

Solution Provider Outreach

Engage with multiple deeptech startups to find right deployment partner

Customization, low cost and innovation are critical factors for the success of the solution adoption. Startups being the core component of deployment strategy enables to assess the benefits of technology to solve challenges across organization functions. While you are working or planning to leverage startups for your digital journey, its always a big question who is the right solution provider for you. We help you connect with innovative deeptech startups with expertise in building specific solutions that you need.

Solution Deployment

Support with project managing deployment during PoC and implementation stage

While enterprises engage solution providers but many times face constraints of having internal limited digital skills and resources availability to manage the execution of digital projects. This leads to longer deployment cycle and lower success rates post deployments. DigiXLT becomes your extended team to help you define solution requirement specification and help you interface with your solution providers to review and assess the solution being deployed

Digital Skill Building

Train your leadership on executing digital initiatives and your workforce on solution usage 

Workforce digital skills have become must for organizations to effectively plan their digital journey. Technologies are changing at fast pace, while industries can’t have deeper expertise of these emerging technologies but still need to ensure workforce have basic level of understanding of digital solutions to enable them plan and execute projects. We help you train your leadership team on building digital strategy and tools that will help them in project execution. We also help enterprises build digital literacy in their workers to ensure solution gets adopted smoothely.

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