• Digital Data Recording, kick-starter for your transformation journey

    Digitalization in today’s world is the most talked about topic in every industry conference and every leader says its critical for the future sustenance but still when it comes to implementing it, lots of if’s and but’s comes up and digitalization just stays as future goal. This is something that I have learned while I

    February 22, 2024
  • Digital Solutions to improve safety in plants

    Industrial Safety is such a critical element of plant operations that it can never be neglected, while all efforts are on to prevent but still, we do see sporadic incidents happening more so in chemical and process industries. Key reasons for safety incidents are poor maintenance, non-compliances due to negligence, under-trained and sick workers operating

    February 15, 2024
  • Manufacturing challenges and structured approach for digitilization

    Manufacturing has become the backbone for India and with growing demand in both domestic and exports, it has become imperative for the enterprises to look for ways to produce more with consistent quality and that too at a lesser cost. Challenges faced in plants have also grown multi-fold due to rising raw material cost, skilled

    February 15, 2024