International SME Day – Let’s Commit to support MSMEs on Technology Adoption

On this International SME day, our gratitude to all the MSME’s for being the backbone of our country’s strong growth story.

MSMEs are contributing more than 30% to GDP, 40% to the exports and 60% to the total employment generation in India. This is a huge impact to our economy and also to the world. While MSME’s are giving their best, but challenges for them are also multifold.

Industries today are facing multiple constraints in operations due to rising raw material cost, skilled workers availability, pressures of improving process and machine efficiency, quality issues and managing downtimes. Productivity levels of MSMEs are much lower, even less than one third of large industries leading to high cost, low margins and thereby face tough competition especially in exports

We all understand digitalization has potential to address these challenges to a big extent but still adoption of the digital solutions has not moved at fast pace due to limited budgets and lack of structured approach. MSMEs are finding difficulties with prioritization of focus areas, assessing return on investments and selecting right solution providers

Some of the basic digital solutions MSMEs can look to deploy are elogBooks, digital job cards, visual dashboards, Customized ERP, Traceability, inventory management, condition monitoring, energy optimization, simulated trainings, quality inspection, SOP monitoring and compliances.

Today On the MSME day, Let’s pledge we will do our best to address the challenges of our MSME industry by giving them right support system in adoption of technology. We have a great opportunity in taking the proven solutions from large industries to MSME’s to enable better productivity and efficiency even in smaller plants.

Industry and startup collaboration is a win-win strategy to deploy low cost, easy to deploy customized solutions in MSME plants to reduce the deployment time, risks and cost. This will enable the growth of our Tech SMEs and accelerate the digitization in manufacturing SMEs

At digiXLT, we are committed to guide MSMEs in technology adoption through digital maturity assessment, design thinking workshops, technology roadmap and ecosystem connects. Let’s join hands to make our MSMEs SMARTER and READY FOR THE FUTURE

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